Tammie Ronen





The road to happiness: Facilitate positive emotion in clients

The last decade has seen an increased interest in the role of emotions in general, and the ability to express positive emotion, in particular.

The workshop combines four parts:
First, there will be a short presentation of the basic components of positive psychology: subjective well being, positive affect, happiness, positivity ratio  and satisfaction of life and its importance in help people flourishing.

Second, there will be presentation of the developmental nature of emotion, which necessitate going through the 5 basic steps : expressing emotion, identifying emotion,  accepting emotion in the self and others, understanding emotion and controlling emotion, in order of helping children enhance positive emotion.

Third, the participants will exercise ways to express, identify and increase positive emotion in self-and clients. 

The workshop combines of lecture, training and demonstration of ways to apply the model with clients.



Increasing human well being:  Dissemination of CBT idea in every day life

The study of well being is directed to ordinary human strengths and virtues. 

It is the subjective level that valued subjective experiences,  contentment, satisfaction, hope and optimism, flow and happiness (Joseph & Linly, 2006).

Three major assumptions guided our application of positive psychology principles in CBT in general and in every day's life in particular:

  1. The long range goals of most human beings are to feel good and to be satisfied.
  2. Failures to materialize these goals are result of lack of skills or knowledge
  3. The goal of therapy is not to "cure" clients from their pathologies,  but to train them in skills that would enable them to achieve psychological well being.

 Furthermore, previous research has shown that self-control as a personal resource and social relationship as an environmental resource are the major source of happiness and well beings for most human beings.

The lecture described the basic theoretical model, research outcomes and way for application